What is Biorismo ?

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Tourism is dependent on biodiversity: In addition to food and landscapes, nature brings many resources and essential benefits to tourism activities. However, tourism can contribute to the pressure on the diversity of living things, through overcrowding, fragmentation and modification of habitats or pollution.

The program aims to stimulate and structure initiatives in favor of biodiversity for regions and companies in the tourism sector. This Label offers a grid of around a hundred criteria, adapted to each tourist activity. This tool helps to structure its approach and build an action plan.

What Biorismo does ?

It offers :

  • A resource center.
  • Technical assistance to professionals.
  • Label. Label
  • Training throughout the year.
  • Professional technical assitance.
  • Rewards : the Lauriers Biorismo

It is serving professionals of:

More and more tourism companies and structures want better understand biodiversity, act in its favor and promote their commitments in the environmental field. Specialist in advice, studies and training for the tourism, hotel and leisure sectors, the François-Tourisme-Consultants company has created an approach in favor of tourism that respects biological diversity: the “BIORISMO” label. Built as a “tailor-made tool for tourist destinations and activities”, the label is intended for territories as well as companies wishing to support the biodiversity. BIORISMO® then makes it possible to mobilize and support stakeholders in a progress approach by facilitating the adoption and structuring of initiatives to the biodiversity. This system is based on a grid of criteria oriented towards the right practical and fully adapted to the different types of tourist structures (hotels, restaurants, campsites, lodges, tourist offices, places to visit, amusement parks or animals, museums, etc.). The BIORISMO® label offers two levels of involvement: on the one hand, the “Committed” status for structures that are new to the implementation of actions, on the other hand the statute “Labeled” for those who meet at least 50% of the criteria, after a process audit.

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