Green Globe

We are Green Globe accredited auditors.

Our function as Auditors is to provide customers with verification by third parties that the certification criteria have been met.

For the Certification, the Auditor provides an independent evaluation that ensures that all Members perform to the highest standards.

  • Significant savings in terms of better efficiency and reduced use of resources.
  • Connection with customers who expect green credentials.
  • Better risk management through the periodic review of the operation processes.
  • Joining the leadership group within your industry.
  • Increase the reputation of the brand connected to the new green dimension of companies.
Experience testimony about the Green Globe System Implementation

Advantages for Tourism and all Businesses :

  • Save 10 % of energy and water
  • 7 % improve staff satisfaction
  • 7,5 % increase customer
  • 1 million for a month : Web Audience and media reach

Today businesses across all industries require certification to provide independent assurance that their enterprises operate sustainably. For more than two decades Green Globe has been providing sustainability certification for the various sectors that make up the international travel and tourism industry. The Green Globe International Standard for Sustainability has been applied to a great variety of business types from accommodation and hospitality, to transport and tour operators, conference venues and meeting planners, as well as management and public relations firms.

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