Structured method of management project management in the Hotel, Catering and Camping industry by practising Lean Management and improving the overall quality of the service offered and the efficiency of the processes within the company.

A process is said to be – hotelean® if it provides the hotel, restaurant and camping services that the customer requires and if the price reflects the value that the customer is willing to pay.

The hotelean® method begins with an audit in the company with its manager. This audit is followed by a diagnosis which enables the FTC consultant to establish a corrective action plan aimed at the efficiency of the organization and the increase in overall profitability. This process takes between 3 and 10 days depending on the size of the company.


The hotelean® conferences regularly bring together professionals, students, academics, associations on the methodology and results of the hotelean® method. Conferences can be organized on request in France or abroad, in French or in English.

Education and Training:

Hotelean® training lasts from 1 to 5 days. The educational content is always adapted to the culture and the size of the company. Several hotel schools and universities of tourism benefit from these training sessions.

“Lean Management” dedicated to the tourism / service industry:

  1. Mapping, analysis and optimization of business processes
  2. Identification, qualification and evaluation of subjects
  3. Analysis of requests, definition of needs to be covered, drafting of specifications and determination of project planning
  4. Monitoring of projects, organization and methods in project management mode (prioritize subjects and step back)
  5. Development of a sense of leadership of result and method, of versatility and autonomy.

If your needs are:

  • To understand your processes and make them perform at their best.
  • To master your processes by anticipating and supervising them.
  • To manage their development within your activity.

Our areas of intervention are:

  • A methodological approach.
  • A definition of the scope of action with regard to customer requirements.
  • A measure of the performance of the process in context.
  • An analysis of the causes of operations and their effects on performance.
  • An innovation by controlling risks.
  • Considering each employee as an agent of change.

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