Our Partnerships

Green 3volution has two main partnerships in this sustainable field based in France which are Protourismand Francois Tourism Consultants.

Who is Francois Tourism Consultants ?

In 1994-2000, Philippe FRANCOIS creates the company François-Tourisme-Consultants (FTC) after having exercised many operational responsibilities in the hotel and tourism sector.

In 1996, during the World Congress of Hotel Schools in Nairobi, he began to invest fully in environmental protection in the tourism and hotel sector.

In 2001 – 2007, François-Tourisme-Consultants stands out as one of the leading European specialists in advice, studies and training in the tourism and hotel sector.

In 2007, François-Tourisme-Consultants created an original concept of services to provide practical and concrete answers to tourism, hotel, restaurant and camping professionals on environmental and sustainable development themes: Ecorismo.

In 2015, FTC adapts its solutions to the creation and development of companies and territories to the global economic and sociological environment. There are three new challenges:

  • Strengthen the profitability of companies and the use of territories – an example of the new FTC services: hotelean®
  • Actively participate in environmental solutions (in particular promoting the fight against global warming) and optimize the professionalism of the teams
  • Deploy internationally by creating a network of experts in a number of countries around the world

Who is ProTourism ?

Since 1980, Protourisme has contributed to the success of more than 5,000 projects, creating attractiveness, economic benefits and jobs, for the benefit of regions and their inhabitants.

They build these successes first with their customers. Because, they strive to work in close cooperation with their owners and partnerships to bring out innovative solutions and proposals.