Health Security Solutions

Green3volution Health Security Solutions

In order to launch peace of mind and optimize the 2020-2021 tourist season, time management and prioritization of the measures to be taken by tourism stakeholders is essential. They need to focus their efforts on what is relevant and profitable. Among the expectations of tourism providers, 3 elements stand out clearly:

  1. Communication, marketing in crisis situations, and towards a national clientele.
  2. The simple and concrete implementation of health security solutions, to respect protocols and everyone health.
  3. Environmental transition of the professions, towards a responsible tourism and for a green profitability (optimum and responsible) of the activities.

The Green3volution toolkit not only acts on the key factors for the success of this 2020 season, but also prepares for the future. Faced with the challenges of the moment, Green3volution supports you on a real strategy, for a more human and more ecological tourism. Our interventions and our tools are the occasion for operational and personalized advice.

Green3volution advises all tourism stakeholders (all sectors). We regularly host webinars on these topics (> 3000 participants on – French Webinar site of FTC- in April 2020 and the Spanish version of our webinars in july 2020).
FTC has published a practical guide to food safety. FTC collaborates with doctors and our director is president of an Occupational Health Service.