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The AMFORHT – World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training – NGO created by the World Tourism Organization in 1969 has just been recognized as an NGO of the United Nations with special consultative status in 2017.

Transmission of expertise and knowledge is an essential part of sustainable development.

In this sense, FTC has created and participated in the creation of 20 hotel schools and tourism university programs in the world.

In addition, Philippe FRANCOIS is currently President of the AMFORHT, World Association for Hospitality and Tourism Education and Training.

Created in 1969 by the World Tourism Organization (WTO), AMFORHT is a professional network, a platform for meetings, project creation and consultation, between the three categories of tourism partners:

  • Institutions, centers, universities and training schools.
  • Professions in the Hospitality and Tourism industries.
  • National and international organizations related to tourism.

Who can be a member of AMFORHT?

  1. Education Sector:
    • Universities.
    • Hotel and Tourism Schools.
    • Gastronomy Schools.
    • Professional Colleges.
    • Training and continuing education centers.
    • Teachers.
  2. Professionals Experts:
    • Hoteliers.
    • Restaurant owners.
    • Chefs.
    • Consultants.
    • Journalists.
    • Travel agents.
    • Tour guides.
  3. International + National Associations and Institutions:
    • Associations.
    • Tourism chambers.
    • Union and other professional groups.

AMFORHT brings together the main players in the tourism sector in order to contribute to changes in the industry through education and vocational training. Our path to success lies in the creation of projects, agreements and alliances for growth set.

Francesco FRANGIALLI, AMFORHT Non Executive Chairman, former Secretary-General of UNWTO

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